Try These 4 Powerful Affirmations When You Feel Overwhelmed

“Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long.” – Michael Gungor

One of the most stressful things entrepreneurs deal with is feeling overwhelmed.

There’s already not enough hours in the day to do everything. Add in a little anxiety and the inability to execute and voila! You have a recipe for disaster.

It’s the strangest thing. One minute, everything is running smoothly and according to schedule. The next thing you know, nothing is getting done. Your plans are thrown out of the window and you’re too exhausted to continue.

What happened to all of your energy and focus?

Burnout. Burnout is what happened.

Building a brand isn’t an easy job. You’ll often overlook your needs for the sake of the business. It’s understandable. Without a large team, you’re the one who is stuck putting in the extra effort.

Still, not enough of us prioritize our mental and physical health. Yes, you have to get things done. But tell me, how are you going to get things done when you’re too overwhelmed and depressed to continue?

Spoiler Alert: You won’t. And you’ll beat yourself up about it.

There may be health battles on this journey, so you’ll need a strategy beforehand. Most importantly, you need to have the right mindset. You need to say the right things so you can see the results you desire.

And I can help you with that!

You don’t have to find a way to function through your exhaustion. 

If you want to learn about:

💎 The Negative Effects of Overworking 

💎 The Benefits of Resting 

💎 4 Empowering Affirmations to keep you on track!

I totally got you covered!

We’re not in control of what happens to us, but we ARE in control of our reaction. Want to be your most productive self? THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT!

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The Negative Effects of Overworking

Entrepreneurs and business owners are prone to overworking because we’re determined to control the narrative of our careers. Unfortunately, too many all-nighters can have major drawbacks in the long-run.

Working too much can negatively affect both your mind and body. Let’s see what leading health experts Psychology Today, Web MD, and Healthline tells us about the consequences of doing too much.

Top 3 Physical Effects

FATIGUE/LACK OF ENERGY: One sign of burnout is a loss of energy or an increase in fatigue. Psychology Today says “In the early stages, you may feel a lack of energy and feel tired most days. In the latter stages, you feel physically and emotionally exhausted, drained, and depleted, and you may feel a sense of dread about what lies ahead on any given day.”

INCREASED ILLNESS: Wondering why you’ve been getting sick lately? It could be due to your stress levels. Psychology Today goes on to state that “Because your body is depleted, your immune system becomes weakened, making you more vulnerable to infections, colds, flu, and other immune-related medical problems.”

HEART ISSUES: WebMD warns us that overworking is dangerous for the heart. According to this article, “…researchers looked at 25 previously published studies involving more than 600,000 workers who were healthy at the start. Compared with working 35 to 40 hours, working 55 or more hours raised the odds of having a stroke by 33% and the chance of heart disease by 13% over a 7-year span.”

Top 3 Psychological Effects

LACK OF PRODUCTIVITY/POOR PERFORMANCE: Because you often feel drained and defeated, your productivity and performance may drop. Healthline tells us “If you’ve increased your hours without significant results, the longer hours are probably decreasing your productivity. A Stanford research paper found that people who worked 70 hours per week didn’t actually get more work done than their peers who worked 56 hours. “We’re not wired to be productive every minute of every day,” Simon adds.”

DEPRESSION: According to Healthline Working too much can take a toll on your mental health. One study found that workers who logged 11 hours per day were more likely to battle depression than those who worked seven to eight hours.” If you’ve been feeling down lately, this may be why.

LACK OF FOCUS: As much as you may want to push forward with your efforts, it may not be the best idea. Psychology Today says “Lack of focus and mild forgetfulness are early signs. Later, the problems may get to the point where you can’t get your work done and everything begins to pile up.”

If you happen to show any of these signs, don’t panic. One simple remedy is to take mental and physical breaks. Let’s look at some benefits of taking a rest day.

The Benefits of Resting

When you’re in the middle of trying to run a business, you’re not thinking about rest. There are so many other things on your to-do list that a day off rarely crosses your mind. Your mind and body usually have to force you to shut down and take a break. 

Not taking a break is a huge mistake.

Without proper rest for your body and mind, you’re more likely to burn out before you can get anything done.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of taking a mental health day.

Top 3 Physical Benefits

REDUCES HEART DISEASE: In’s article, A Day of Rest: 12 Scientific Reasons It Works, we learn that taking a day off is good for the heart. Especially, if you’re getting active. The author explains, “Completely divesting from your work on a regular basis reduces inflammation and the risk of heart disease…We already know that work is stressful. In addition, studies show that time sitting, as most of us do at work, influences inflammatory markers even absent elevated blood glucose, obesity or heart disease. Each one hour increase in sitting time associates with an 18% increased cardiovascular disease mortality risk.”

BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM: The article then goes on to state more physical benefits of taking time off. “Getting away from work boosts your immune system.Chronic stress also depresses your immune system. Conversely, adequate sleep and exercise are two of four essentials of boosting your immune system. Take advantage of your weekends for extended R&R.”

IMPROVES SLEEP: A huge problem for entrepreneurs is the inability to shut our brain off at night. We’re often still in go mode when we lay down for the night. But the experts at Inc say that when it comes to sleep, “…you’ll do it better during time out of work. Time off helps sleep-disrupting habits like checking your cell phone before bed.”

Top 3 Psychological Benefits

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RESTORES MENTAL ENERGY: Physical benefits aren’t the only perks of taking a mental health day. When you take time to rest, your mental energy will be restored as well. As the article explains, “Studies show that people who do not know how to detach from work during their off time experience increased exhaustion over the course of one year and are less resilient in the face of stressful work conditions.” See? NOT taking a day off is counterproductive.

INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY: When your mental energy is refreshed, you feel ready to take on anything. Science even proves this. According to Inc, “Data from the OECD shows that working more hours means less productivity. The most productive countries are Germany and France–each mandating more than 30 days of vacation. Workers in the U.S., with no law requiring paid time off, are the third most productive (and only about 25% of Americans take their full allotment of vacation time).” Is it possible that the results you’re looking for are at the other end of a break?

IMPROVES FOCUS: Remember how unfocused you were when you tried to plow through your task list? Well, that focus comes back once you give yourself some time. Don’t take it from me, take it from the experts! Inc says “A 2008 University of Illinois study shows that all work and no play dramatically reduces focus as well as productivity. Conversely, regular time off work improves it. Be sure you opt for “restorative” breaks.”

Resting is a strategic move in your plan to conquer the world of business. If you’re going to leave an impact with your brand, you should aim to be at your best.

So let’s get into these affirmations.

Try These 4 Powerful Affirmations To Overcome Overwhelm

The greatest challenge to overcoming entrepreneur burnout is getting rid of the lies your mind tells you. The truth is, we let our negative thoughts run wild when we should be more in control. A problem is only a full-blown crisis when you make it one. 

Tell me, when trouble comes your way do you panic trying to fix it? Or are you calm and relaxed, knowing it will all work out?

Our minds are powerful, and as entrepreneurs, we must use them to our full advantage.

It’s time to think better thoughts.

The best way to get rid of lies is with the truth. Here are some common lies entrepreneurs face and affirmations to empower you!

Lie: Hustle hard every day

💎 Truth: I Am Allowed To Rest 

“Burnout is not the result of doing too much; it is the result of not getting enough rest.” – John Patrick Hickey

There’s nothing wrong with giving maximum effort. Even so, there’s a difference between working smart and working hard. Feeling guilty for resting is an unfortunate habit we’ve picked up from society. We always feel rushed and a few steps behind.

Still, you’ll benefit more from prioritizing rest in your routine. Whether it’s taking a walk, reading a book, or getting a nap in, you need intentional time to relax. Some people take a whole day off, but if you’re too uncomfortable with that, start with an hour.

Get rid of the guilt trip. You are allowed to rest!

Productivity Tip: Set aside 10 minutes a day to relax, meditate, or check-in with yourself.

Lie: I don’t deserve this

💎 Truth: I Gladly Receive Blessings With Ease 

“If you approach the ocean with a cup, you can only take away a cupful; if you approach it with a bucket you can take away a bucketful.” – Ramana Maharshi

How can you expect to receive good things if you don’t even think you deserve them? It’s possible that your mindset is blocking your blessings. A positive mindset can open doors of abundance you didn’t believe were possible. If you pair that positivity with a millionaire mindset, you’ll be unstoppable!  

You know how hard you work. You know how long you’ve endured. You deserve good things. And you receive them with ease.

Productivity Tip: Read/watch/listen to things that encourage a positive mindset.

Lie: This doesn’t count as a win

💎 Truth: Every Victory Counts

“Success is rarely the result of one swell swoop, but more often the culmination of many, many small victories.” – Joseph M. Marshall III

Have you ever gone on social media, looked at someone you admire, and beat yourself up for not being further ahead? I mean, everything looks great online. You see the partnerships and exposure and feel you have a long way to go. Still, those are only the highlights. You didn’t see how many battles it took to win the war. Don’t let other people’s big wins discourage you from appreciating your little ones.

You know what it takes to make a big win? The same thing it takes for a tree to grow tall and strong: one small seed and a hell of a lot of nurturing. The biggest achievements contain an ocean of small victories. So love and nurture your oak.

Every victory counts!

Productivity Tip: Keep track of your progress by revisiting your goals. Acknowledgment goes a long way.

Lie: I can’t come up with new ideas

💎 Truth: I Attract Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou 

When you’re dealing with entrepreneur burnout, it may be harder for you to come up with fresh ideas. It’s an uncomfortable slump to be in, especially when you’re on a deadline. But that’s why rest is so important. It opens up the gateway to a new perspective. 

Plus, the more you create, the easier it gets to create. Practice makes perfect!

Watch a new movie. Listen to your favorite songs. Do something you enjoy instead of worrying about your workload. Keep in mind that ideas need breathing room too. Soon enough, the creativity will spark again.

And you attract great ideas when you’re fully rested.

Productivity Tip: If you don’t have time to create or need help engaging your audience, you can hire a content marketer to create blog posts, newsletters, ebooks and more!

In Conclusion…

Overcoming entrepreneur overwhelm can be a bit of a dance at times, but with enough rest, you’ll be ready for anything!

When it comes to your goals, make sure that you complete at least one action task a day. In Brian Tracy’s book, No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline, he reveals that conquering one task a day is always achievable.

Whether that’s getting organized, sending a pitch, or resting your brain, one improvement a day is excellent progress. That’s one step closer to a better business and better mental health. 

You can do it. I believe in you!

How are you going to get rest this week? What do you do when you’re taking a break? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. If you’re a wellness professional who is struggling to grow your brand online and are confused about what to do next, grab this FREE guide! It will tell you step-by-step what to do next!



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